About me

My name is Olivia Pooley and I am a recent Digital Media Design graduate with a passion for all things music and design; including events, audience interaction and installations.

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Selected Works

Vivid Skin

Vivid Skin explores the notions of audio-visual performance through an intimate projection experience.


Fludity is the creative artefact I made as part of my research into the concept of Flow for my undergraduate dissertation unit.

Nerve Magazine Designs

A collection of the articles I have designed while being the Assistant Design Editor of the Bournemouth University Student Union magazine throughout my final year of uni. The Design Editor of the magazine, Anthony Thomas, said that the "Magazine looks 10x better with [Olivia] on board".

Ferrofluid Interaction Design

A second year project of mine, using the amazing liquid - Ferrofluid, and an Arduino to create an interactive art installation. The idea was to bring a null object to life, using the arduino and human input, so the closer a user is to the sensor, the faster the motor will spin.


A small sample of various images that I have taken throughout the years, both for education and as a hobby.

Work Placement

A collection of the work I created or was a part of the creation while on my year work placement at Outbound.

Contact me

If you have any questions about me or my work, please feel free to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!